Iggy McCarthy Photography | Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge

Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge

May 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world, and Fort Point is one of the best places to see the the bridge as you are right under the bridge. I had tried going to this site a few times before in the past but its only open Friday- Sunday from 10AM - 5PM. So keep that in mind if you ever want to visit. 

I was able to go with some of my favorite people in the world! My wife, my brother http://josephpadilla.com, and his fiancé. 

From the road coming into the site you can see the up close and personal view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is also a very popular surf spot, I can imagine how exhilarating it must be to ride the waves so near the bridge and along the rocks on the shore as well! 

Once you enter you are greeted by the underside of the Golden Gate bridge. This structure was completed in 1861 and used to have to multiple cannons that were set to protect the entrance of the San Francisco Bay. 

The canons are no longer in the many windows facing the bridge but now they offer a very unique perspective to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It crazy to think that this structure is over 150 years old, and i pretty sure that the original engineers and builders that made the structure would never have thought there would be a bridge built to cross the bay some 75 years later. 

Since my brother was with us, we took the opportunity to have a photo of the two us taken. I usually am not in any photos as I am usually the one taking them. 



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