Iggy McCarthy Photography | Adventures in Death Valley National Park Day 1

Adventures in Death Valley National Park Day 1

April 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last month my brother and I went on an impromptu trip to Death Valley National Park. Having lived in California for most of my life I never been to Death Valley mostly because going to one of the hottest places on earth never really seemed appealing. The hottest temperature recording in Death Valley was 134 degrees Fahrenheit. The drive from the Bay Area is a trek, its about 8 hours away to Furnace Creek where we were planning on camping for the 3 day weekend. 

The change of scenery is evident was you go over the Sierras and are in the Eastern end of the Sierras. There are less trees and everything is very dry, but it is still beautiful! 

The initial reason that we choose to come to Death Valley was because of the Super Bloom that was happening in the valley. The rains and floods that happened over the last year allowed for a wonderful presentation of color throughout the valley floor

The flowers were indeed beautiful but we were mesmerized by the scenery that was new to us and we had a hard time focusing on the flowers when there were so many different things to photograph. 

We camped out at Furnace Creek Campgrounds, solely based on the fact that there was no where else to stay over the weekend. Just our luck there was an art show at Furnace Creek, the mild weather, and that with the "superbloom" the park was full of people. 


The colors of the rocks, the sand, and the snow dusted mountains it made for some amazing scenery! 

I can not wait to share more photos from this trip as i get the time to edit the photos and put together the video/timelapses. It was an amazing experience and I know that I will back again very soon!


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