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June 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

There are people that have a certain style of modifying cars, some people go over the top and go crazy, some people just throw a ton of parts and money at a car and it still ends up looking like shit. Then there are the car enthusiasts that feel that their doesn't need a bunch of mods, that they already have a good base and just need to make some subtle changes. There is a time and place for all of these types of car enthusiasts.

Mr Ryan Miller of the later, to a non MK4 owner its a stock car that lowered and has some nice wheels. And that is what I love about this car, he has many mods done to the car that most will not notice. Ryan has managed to take a car that came from the factory and make subtle changes that compliment an already appealing car. Ryan is not at all new to the MK4 scene has a owned a few jettas that some of you may recognize.

Most are not going to notice the half filled door cups, or the emblems that have been shaved. I appears that the car should have come from that factory this way.

The one thing that really sets the car off is the wheels and of course the "stance". The Tracer Tech2's in the silver finish perfectly compliment the Mojave Beige of the body. The air suspension allows the car to have that perfect stance once it is aired out! 

This embodies the love/hate relationship that every VW owner has with their car. Most of the time you love the car and enjoy driving, owning, and modifying it, but there are those days when you want to set it on fire and drive of a cliff and never have to look at it again.


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