Iggy McCarthy Photography | A visit to Portland's Japanese Garden

A visit to Portland's Japanese Garden

June 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Back in late April my brother and his girlfriend came up to visit Portland. This was their first time being up here and they received a typical welcome from Portland's bipolar weather. They experienced warm weather to rain all in a matter of hours haha. While I was working my wife took them to a few places but one of the nicer places we went to was the Japanese Gardens. I have always loved Japanese Gardens, probably because I grew up near Kelly park in San Jose, Ca which has a really unique and big Japanese Garden.

There are many different types of plants and flowers here in the garden and luckily they were all blooming

They also have these beautiful staircases throughout the garden, I couldn't pass the opportunity to get a photo of Ashley in this awesome background.

I think she was looking at my brother's iPhone and not my camera haha but it still turned out to be a great photo!

This is beautiful garden and makes for a great background for portraits although I do believe you need a permit to take photos here. ;)

There is also a great view of the epicness that is Portland, on a clear day you can see Mt Hood from the garden, on this day the peak was masked by clouds. The mix of the very urban downtown, the forest that is Washington Park and then Mt Hood in the background really makes for a great view!


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