Iggy McCarthy Photography | A Day at PARC, PNW drifting at its finest!

A Day at PARC, PNW drifting at its finest!

March 08, 2013  •  1 Comment


This past Saturday I was lucky enough to spend the day at Pat's Acres Racing Complex to watch a drifting event take place. Most of the year this short track is overrun with go-karts that go well over 50mph, then there are the days when they open it up to local drifters! All drivers have to pass inspection, and wear helmets while driving out on the track. It is a perfect place for a beginner to hone their skills or more experienced drivers to test their abilities. I have been to a handful of drifting events here, I have uploaded photos from previous events here  http://www.iggymccarthyphoto.com/p771676788 and http://www.iggymccarthyphoto.com/p920730559, and there is always a mix of different drivers and cars. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday, whether you are going to practice drifting on the track or get a ride along pass and brave the passenger seat of one of the drift cars! It was also the birthday of local Formula D drifter Kyle Pollard, here he is blasting around the track in his missile car!


The first car I would like to showcase is Brad's BMW E30. It's always a joy to see Brad at PARC as his E30 is beast, and he really does know how to drive it well! BMW enthusiasts might frown upon the SR20 under the hood but I am sure they will all change their minds after they see it drifting!

Then we have the Panic brothers!

This Celica is not something that is usually out drifting but it sure does look awesome!

Then we have the monster Cressida!

Another driver that I always enjoy seeing is James Wiklund! He debuted his new S14.5 at this event after an unfortunate event with his previous car! The new car looks great with the BRIGHT orange wheels! Love it!

Another one of my favorite Is Ryan Davis' Scion FR-S. After seeing all of the crazy builds over the last year of this chassis, its great to see that sometimes a great looking FR-S doesn't need a Rocket Bunny kit and crazy mods to look good. The well picked out modifications on this car really make it stand out! Be sure and check out Ryan's work at http://www.yaerproductions.com/scion frs drift scion frs drift scion frs drift scion frs drift

I will finish off with some more of my favorites from the day!

And if you follow the link below you will find the rest of the photos from the day! Also you can purchase prints of the photos directly from my site!


Thanks for coming by!


anyone know where i can buy those flares on that e30? if you do shoot me a email please. iPwndYourFace@gmail.com
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