Iggy McCarthy Photography | Summer visit to Mt Hood and Mirror Lake

Summer visit to Mt Hood and Mirror Lake

October 31, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

In July our nephew Andrew came to visit from California for a couple of weeks, My wife and I both miss being so close to family and seeing everyone on a regular basis. It was good to see him and we spent one Saturday exploring Mt Hood and Mirror Lake, which is just east of Portland, Oregon.

It is crazy to think that there is soo much snow in July! It was fairly cold up there at 11,250 feet up.

It was a perfect day as the skies were clear! This is a view looking directly south of Mt Hood.

The crazy part is that they still have a lift that is open to skiers/snowboarders! There are very many runs open, but the fact that it was the middle of the summer and you could go skiing if you wanted to is craziness!

You can see the portion that was open here in this photo, they had a path that lead all the way back down to the lodge as well!

On the way back we stopped to check out Mirror Lake, its on the way back into Portland. It was a 3 mile hike roundtrip to see the lake and awesome views of Mt Hood. Right from the trailhead you have to go over this bridge to start the hike, there is a crazy fast river underneath!

Here is another cool bridge that was made to cross a small creek!

These leaves were HUGE! I should have placed my phone nearby in to give a better sense of the size!


Along the way to the lake there are plenty of spots where you can see Mt Hood, but most of the time you are surrounded by the trees and wilderness and can't even see the sky!

The view from the south side of the lake was perfect!

I understand why its called Mirror Lake!

If you have an opportunity to check out Mt Hood, make sure you stop at Mirror Lake as well! The view is worth the stop!


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